The Aquatic III – Fourth Street.
The Aquatic I – University Ave.
Rose Street Townhouses

“Belief in the significance of architecture is premised on the notion that we are, for better or worse, different people in different places – and on the conviction that it is architecture’s task to render vivid to us who we might ideally be.”

Alain de Botton
The Architecture of Happiness

MIG, Inc.
Berkeley Bowl Marketplace
The Read Building
The Aquatic II – University Ave.
CitySpace (pre-fab)
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room
5346 College Avenue
2650 Telegraph Avenue
Aquatic IV – San Pablo Ave.
Aquatic V – Shattuck Ave.
Aquatic VI – Ashby Avenue
Backroads – Provence, France
Amy’s Drive Thru
Plenty – “Food with a Purpose”
C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.
Bayrock Apartments
Fieldworks (pre-fab)- Housing the Homeless
Pathways Homeless Shelter
Shattuck Square Micro Studios
La Farine Building
McClung House
The Croft – Student Housing at UC Berkeley
Memorial Chapel
MicroPAD (pre-fab) – Workforce Housing
Children’s Hospital Oakland
Premier Cru
Tom Sawyer Software
Every Dog Has It’s Daycare
Berkeley Hills modern
Saul’s Parklet
Black Mountain Retreat
University Apartments
Pacifica Radio – KPFA 94.1 FM
The Allston – San Pablo Ave.
The Adeline
Visitors Center at Concord Hills Park
ACLU Headquarters
Meditation Temple
Addis Design Studio
The Point.
Oropallo Studio/Home
Comal Restaurant
Backroads Berkeley Campus
Backroads Berkeley Campus Expansion
Cody’s Books
Kains Street Townhouses
Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant
Channing Way Townhouses
Tunnel Road House
Buena Vista Road Residence
Plaza Petaluma
Prato Bridge 100% Affordable Apartments – San Pablo Ave.
Cemetery Reception Cottages
Adaptive Reuse Retail
Sacristy Apartments – University Ave.
Kahn Residence
Historic redux Sonoma
Saul’s Delicatessen
Farb/Garret House
Urban Adamah
River Residence
Berkeley Montessori School
Akonadi Foundation
Neilson Street Townhouses
Jewish Community Center
Albany Townhouses
Yosemite Cabin