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The creation of a building involves many minds and hands.  

Without the collective efforts of a great many people, the work contained in these pages would not have been possible.  In addition to the architects, builders, craftspeople,  fabricators, technicians, artists, engineers and city officials whose contributions have been immeasurable, we owe a special debt to each of our clients who have been important collaborators in the creative process.

These architects and interns have worked in our office from 1991 to the present:
(Current employees are in bold)

  • Joshua Aidlin
  • Tamala Anderson
  • Ana Blomeier 
  • Benjamin Benitez
  • Lidia Birukova
  • Amy Sui Chang 
  • Christian Dauer
  • Edgar Flores
  • Mauricio De la Peña  
  • Jason Dries-Daffner
  • Jinda Guo
  • Monica Grau
  • Timothy Ross Hill
  • Kasia Kowalska-Ekstrand
  • Haonan Jia
  • Daniel Kalani
  • Neven Krickovic
  • Lucio Lozano
  • Daniel Mason
  • Robert Nishimori
  • Chinh Nguyenphuc
  • Guillermo Otero 
  • Eric Osth
  • Ken Powelson
  • Joe Perone
  • Ari Seligman
  • Patricia Isobel Solis-Fillon
  • A. Gene Sparling
  • Isaiah Stackhouse
  • Winnie Stopps, MD, AIA
  • Eric Tam
  • David Willett
  • Luis Vazquez 
  • Alexandra Vondeling