“David and Robert took our romantic and inchoate yearnings for a special country house and turned them into a truly livable, lively, and cozy place. Trachtenberg Architects does a form of architectural alchemy, transforming a wish into a work of art.”

-Andre Carothers
Andre Carothers hired TA to design Blackmountain, a retreat on 165 acres in Sonoma County

“What Trachtenberg has contributed to Berkeley is a legacy of very fine architecture that hopefully will be understood and admired for a long time. It has added a lot to the cultural inventory. This is what architecture in town ought to be, instead of junk that you get off the shelf and out of a cardboard box. It’s a pleasure to see somebody spend attention and really understand what goes together and how. When we see him come in (to the City of Berkeley Design Review Committee) with a project, we take a breath and relax.”

-David Snippen, AIA,
 Member of the City of Berkeley Design Review Committee

Excerpted from a San Francisco Chronicle feature article about Trachtenberg Architects.
To read the article click here.

“I have known and worked with Trachtenberg Architects for nearly 25 years, and recommend them enthusiastically. This firm is mindful of the economics of development and attentive to solving real world problems. Their designs are fresh and inventive, but with a welcome element of restraint. They understand construction and can keep to a budget. The work they have done in Berkeley nicely combines a modern sensibility with traditional design. The understated elegance of their work and their innovative and honest use of material puts them in the first rank of Bay Area architects, and reminds one of the works of Maybeck, Morgan, and Wurster.”

-Patrick Kennedy, President, Panoramic Interests
Patrick Kennedy hired TA to design a prototype for a new kind of pre-fabricated, modular, zero net energy, housing unit”

“In 1995 we purchased a 20,000 sf laboratory building as the future headquarters for our multi-disciplinary planning and design firm. We were operating offices in eight cities and the Berkeley building would serve as our headquarters. The building had no space that was useable, all the floors sloped to be easily drained, there were no windows or any feature one could call beautiful. The task was large and complex and our budget was tight. After a false start with another firm we ended up hiring Trachtenberg Architects, who helped us expand our conception of how our new building might work. One critical decision came as a result of a suggestion from David. He proposed we move the staff break room out of the back, make it a more public function and a defining element of the building which would better reflect the MIG culture. A handsome, cafe-like space was deisgned which is the literal and figuratve heart of our building and the first thing one sees upon entering the lobby. We have called the building home now for 14 years and it has served our organization extremely well. After all these years there is little that we would change about the design. The building is detailed thoughtfully with an eye toward simplicity, durability and most important flexibility. The staff finds the building comfortable and accommodating. The building design is timeless. We are always proud to bring people to our building.”

-Susan Goltsman, Principal, MIG 
MIG hired TA to design their corporate headquarters in West Berkeley

“Working with Trachtenberg Architects over the past twenty years has always been a great experience. The designs are creative and the quality of the documents we receive is very high. For a contractor, quality documents not only allows your pricing to be accurate but minimizes mid-job change orders and disappointments to both the owner and subcontractor team. No honest contractor or subcontractor ever made any money on a change order and the documents that come out of the Trachtenberg office go a long ways toward minimizing that on any project. That and great design make for a successful project.”

-Steven Oliver, President, Oliver & Company General Contractors
Steve Oliver has built more than 8 projects with TA including several where Oliver was also the Developer/Owner

“Trachtenberg Architects, using their innovative design skills, succeeded in realizing our vision by creating our most remarkable office building, combining Mediterranean elements with a Berkeley influence. We are proud and appreciative of our association with David Trachtenberg, Robert Nishimori and their team who understood and thoughtfully interpreted our dreams, going well beyond our expectations. The result is an architectural milesone in West Berkeley where we benefit each day from the satisfaction of a productive and welcoming work environment.”

-Peter Read, Partner, Read Investments
Peter and Stephen Read hired TA to design a new 20,000 sf building for Read Investments

“Trachtenberg Architects designed my building in Berkeley and it was the best decision I made. David and his staff were very collaborative with me and indulged my involvement. The building design has held up over the years and still looks contemporary and fresh.  I would trust Trachtenberg Architects with any architecture project and would look forward to working with them again.”

-Steve Addis, CEO, Addis Cresson (Brand Strategy and Design)
Steven Addis hired TA to design the new offices for Addis Cresson

“My husband and I are both design professionals and have worked with Trachtenberg Architects on other projects. We have recently hired them to design our home and are midway through the design process. They have taken who we are as people and designed the perfect space to live and be creative. They have taken the time to understand who we are. Their design is gracious, practical and beautiful. My husband and I are very particular and have a strong point of view and TA has exceeded our expectations, and we have a had a good time working together.”

Shanti Metz and Tom Richman
Shanti and Tom hired TA to design a new house on a large site in Sonoma County.

“David is an amazing architect. He was very creative in optimizing our space, making it seem bigger than it was. After discussing our desires and goals, David developed several options for us and talked us through each one in detail (understanding benefits, downsides and costs of each option). Even after we chose a design, he was constantly thinking about ways to improve it and worked very well with the contractor. We love the design of our space and it fits our lives perfectly – Thank you David!”

-Sally Stephens and Mark Blake
Sally and Mark hired TA to renovate their historic Berkeley home

“I have worked with David and his staff on numerous projects. We first worked together sometime in the 1990’s. He has always produced excellent quality work at a reasonable price. He has also devised creative solutions to difficult and unusual problems. I have very much enjoyed working with David and consider him not just a highly competent and responsive professional, but also a friend.”

-Moses Libitzky, President, Libitzky Property Companies 
Moses has hired TA for a variety of commercial and residential projects over the years

“Trachtenberg Architects re-did our first floor, and did an extraordinary job. They maintained the integrity of the home’s design, and made exceptional use of the space. David and his staff were easy to work with, and finished on time and on budget.”

-Jeffrey Bleich, US Ambassador to Australia
The Bleich Family hired TA to remodel their Piedmont Home

“Trachtenberg Architects has provided great services for my development company since we began working together in 1994. My firm develops large, often dirty, politically complex sites and we rely upon Trachtenberg’s expertise at handling the political process and navigating byzantine bureaucracies and public processes – Planning Departments, Design Review Boards, Landmarks Commissions, neighborhood meetings, etc. – to make sure that what they draw up can and will be built. They know how to produce hard working, functional, cost effective and beautiful building designs in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Their sense of design is both modern and classical and can stand the test of time without catering to the fads of the day. David and his team were instrumental in making the Temescal Business Center, our adaptive reuse project on 7 acres in West Berkeley, a huge market and design success. I have no doubt that their body of work in Berkeley will one day be considered of landmark status along with John Hudson Thomas, Maybeck, and Morgan.”

-Michael Zeigler, Owner, Temescal Business Center
Michael Zeigler hired TA to design a seven-acre adaptive reuse project in West Berkeley

“Our home designed by Trachtenberg Architects each day brings delight, surprise and enjoyment beyond expectation. This seems the most critical and lasting test of good architecture, translating a client’s lifestyle and goals into design, and ultimately what it might feel like to “live” in a home. During our close collaboration and to this day, Trachtenberg Architects in all respects produced a design that leaves nothing to regret. As clients, we were very “hands-on” so we were reassured by Trachtenberg’s welcoming of our ideas not only as clients but contributing team members. Trachtenberg worked hard to understand our goals and was very effective at translating those goals into design. For each constraint whether it from code or constraint – or us – Trachtenberg managed to offer a design alternative that enhanced the project. We feel fortunate to be in a home of our own design and making, and for having to chosen to work with Trachtenberg Architects.”

-Andy and Deb Graham
Andy and Deb Graham hired TA to design their new three unit building in Berkeley

“We worked with Trachtenberg Architects to renovate and reconfigure the master bedroom, master bathroom and sleeping porch in our 100-year-old Berkeley home, and we couldn’t be happier. The house had the original bathroom off the upstairs hall with a separate water closet; reconfiguring it into the master suite was very tricky given the tight spaces and odd geometry of an old house. David and his colleagues worked with us to come up with a very efficient design that met all of our requirements; they also suggested many changes to small details that we never would have thought of that really improved the layout, liveability and symmetry of the room. They turned an old sleeping porch into a very modern office & dressing area, and helped us incorporate all of today’s modern technology in a way that hides it away until needed. When all was said and done, their work improved our home in a way that we deeply appreciate on a daily basis.”

-Alan and Nancy Saldich
The Saldichs hired TA to remodel their master bedroom suite

“David wants to understand you as a person so he can help create the best design for your needs. Great listener and interpreter of the client needs and always cognizant of budget and reality.”

Nate and Maria Bosshard
Nate and Maria hired TA to renovate their Berkeley Hills mid-century house.

“David and his firm designed our restaurant – Saul’s Delicatessen – giving meaning to a place that is now the community’s dining room and meeting space.”

-Peter Levitt, Owner, Saul’s Delicatessen