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Amy’s Drive Thru

Amy’s Kitchen manufactures and distributes natural and organic convenience and frozen foods throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Trachtenberg Architects was commissioned by Amy’s Kitchen to design their first restaurant, a fast food, organic, vegetarian drive through. This first restaurant is conceived as a prototype with the hope that many more will be coming down the pike.

In this design project, Trachtenberg Architects sought to embody the principles which animate the company.  Fundamentally, Amy’s is a plant-based company and we see the new restaurant as an oasis on the highway – a resting and gathering place in a natural setting.  Indoor and garden dining will accommodate about 150 people. The building incorporates a living roof, rainwater capture and filtration system, solar panels and permeable paving and will be a model in sustainable architecture.

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Owners: Amy’s Kitchen, Inc.
Architect:  Trachtenberg Architects –  David Trachtenberg, Isaiah Stackhouse, Timothy Ross Hill
Interior Design/Branding: Clark and Reilly, London

Development Consultant: The Conseco Group.
Structural Engineer:  Cres Engineering
Landscape Architect: Garden Architecture
Civil Engineer: Baechtel Hudis, Inc.
Lighting & Electrical Design: JRA Electrical
Mechanical Engineer: TEP Engineering
Kitchen Consultant: The Productivity Advantage, LLC.
Rainwater collection and Greywater: Waterspout
Living Roof Technical / Installation:  Symbiosis Ecotecture
Living Roof Planting Consultant: Karla Dakin

Budget: $1.9M