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Berkeley Bowl Marketplace

Berkeley, California 1997

The Berkeley Bowl, a family-owned marketplace known regionally for its outstanding produce, relocated to a long-vacant Safeway Supermarket site. This project approximately doubled the size of the existing grocery store to 44,000 square feet, adding retail floor area, a 90 seat cafe, new second-floor administrative offices, and back-of-the-house service space.  The scope of work included demolishing all but one exterior wall and expanding the building in three directions, creating a more urbane street condition along Shattuck Avenue.  Sandblasted concrete block, cast stone, steel, and glass provide a simple, economical and durable palette of exterior materials.

The entrance of the new building is designed as a courtyard-like space, so as to encourage the kind of lively street life and community gathering which is a natural complement to the Berkeley Bowl.  This project, backed by a coalition of neighborhood and community groups, marked a new era of revitalization for South Berkeley.

Cutsheet for Berkeley Bowl Marketplace

Trachtenberg Architects: David Trachtenberg, A. Eugene Sparling, Patricia Solis-Fillon, Christian Dauer, Jason Dries-Daffner
Owner: Glenn and Dianne Yasuda
Structural Engineer: Ingraham DeJesse Associates
HVAC: Hussmann
Civil Engineer: Van Maren Associates
Ceramic Artist: Ross Drago
Store Development: Certified Grocers (John Vierra)
Landscape Architect: Miller Company
Builder: E.F. Anderson, Inc.
Photography: Muffy Kibbey

Budget: $4.5M