Site Plan

View from 5th and Channing

Detail at gated entry gardens

Live/Work on the left, townhouses on the right

Ground floor plan

Building Section.

Channing St. Elevation.

Channing St. view

Berkeley 2018

The 15 unit Channing Way Townhouse project is proposed for an empty lot in a mixed residential/industrial zone in West Berkeley. Because the site spans two different zoning districts two different unit types are proposed. On the western portion of the site which is zoned “mixe-use/light industrial” the project proposes 5 three-story live/work units.  The remaining portion of the site is zoned “residential” zoned and we have proposed 10 three-story townhouses. The site plan is organized around a internal landscaped parking court.  Every residential unit will enjoy a small private garden at the front with a front gate to the street.  The five live-work units will provide needed space (and very rare)  for Artist and Craftspersons, orangized on three floors including a roof top terrace for each unit.

The building is proposed with a skin of integrally colored French Lime Plaster.  Large windows and 9-foot ceilings will provide good natural light. The project has been submitted for Zoning review.

Trachtenberg Architects:  Isaiah Stackhouse, David Trachtenberg, Neven Krickovic, Daniel Kalani
Owners: Channing Street Townhouses, LLC.