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Channing Way Townhouses

Berkeley 2018

The 15 unit Channing Way Mixed-Use project is proposed for an empty lot in a mixed residential/industrial zone in West Berkeley. Because the site spans two different zoning districts two different unit types are required. The western portion of the site which is zoned “mixed-use/light industrial” and the project proposes 4 three-story live/work units plus one office unit.  The remaining portion of the site is zoned “residential” and we have proposed 10 three-story townhouses. The site plan is organized around an internal landscaped parking court.  Every residential unit will enjoy a small private garden at the front with a front gate to the street.  The four live-work units will provide needed (and very rare) space for Artist and Craftspersons, organized on three floors including a rooftop terrace for each unit.

The building is proposed with skins of integrally colored Lime Plaster, corten steel, and painted cement shiplap siding.  Large windows and 9-foot ceilings will provide good natural light. The project has won all Zoning Approvals and construction is expected to commence in Summer 2018.

Trachtenberg Architects:  Isaiah Stackhouse, David Trachtenberg, Neven Krickovic, Daniel Kalani
Owners: Channing Street Townhouses, LLC.