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Cody’s Books

Berkeley, California 1997

Cody’s books, a Berkeley icon, retained Trachtenberg Architects to build a new, 12,000 sq ft store in the city’s thriving Fourth Street retail district. Cody’s proposed occupying a warehouse building not zoned for retail use, and we shepherded the project through a public process that involved nine public hearings.

In the outdoor space formerly used as a loading dock, we created a dramatic new entrance structure that acts as a visual anchor for the shopping district. We deliberately retained an airy, warehouse-like quality in the interior which contrasts with the custom designed fixtures, built-in furniture, and rich use of color throughout. A long, curved bookcase serves to create spatial definition and draws customers to the depths of the store.

Cutsheet for Cody’s Books

Owner: Andy Ross
Architect: David Trachtenberg, Patricia Solis-Fillon, Tamala Anderson, A. Eugene Sparling
Engineer: Ingraham DeJesse Associates
Builder: Creative Spaces
Casework: Mueller Nicholls
Lighting: Illuminosa
Photography: Muffy Kibbey

Budget: $640K