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Kains Street Townhouses

Albany, California, 2020

The nine-unit Kains Street Townhouses condominium project is part of a mixed residential/commercial zone in Albany.  Though ubiquitous throughout the world, the townhouse (or rowhouse) typology is rare in this region. Our office has always admired the elegance and efficiency of townhouses and we are pleased to have the opportunity to employ it.  Each three-story townhouse provides a private garage, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a ground floor garden, and a rooftop terrace off of the main living space.

The building is clad with integrally colored lime plaster. Large windows and 11-foot ceilings in the top floor living space will provide good natural light and views.

Trachtenberg Architects:  Isaiah Stackhouse, David Trachtenberg, Eric Tam
Owners: Branagh Lockhouse
Builder: Branagh, Inc.
Budget: Confidential