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Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room

Berkeley, CA 2014

This is Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s first tasting room outside of their Hopland, Ca brewing facility. The purpose of the project is to introduce the company’s wide range of specialty beer productsto a larger audience.  Customers are offered flights of specialty beers which are typically paired with small plates of prepared food. Retail beer sales are also sold in the space.  The room is designed to facilitate special events including beer talks, blind tastings and live music.  The materials and detailing are designed to evoke the nature of craft beer making. This tenant space is located within the Read Building, also designed by Trachtenberg Architects.


Trachtenberg Architects: Robert Nishimori, David Trachtenberg,
Owner: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
General Contractor:  Stevens, Hemingway, Stevens
Structural Engineer: Ingraham DeJessie &Associates
Custom steel fabrications:  Ferrous Studios
Photography:  Muffy Kibbey, David Trachtenberg

Budget: $800k