Aerial view looking west.

Vicinity map.

View on Adeline Avenue looking south.

Shadow study

Ground floor plan.

The partial sixth floor plan opens to the a shared garden.

Building section.

View from the west on Russell Street.

The building steps down towards the west.

Podium and ground level gardens.

The Prow with cafe at street level.

Urban texture.

The site is located on a transit corridor, one block from BART,  across the street from the Berkeley Bowl Market and a mile from UC Berkeley. The proposed six-story building will contain 50 dwelling units, 4 live/work units and 1 commercial space. Parking is provided for 17 cars and 50 bicycles. The project includes a west facing ground level garden and two roof gardens for residents.

The building is currently in construction.

Trachtenberg Architects:  Isaiah Stackhouse, David Trachtenberg, Neven Krickovic, Donny Kalani
Owners: Realtex Group/Olympic Residential Group
General Contractor:  TBD
Structural Engineer:   TBD
Civil Engineer: TBD
Landscape Architect:  Bruce Jett