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The Fellow

San Diego, 2021

The Fellow

Trachtenberg Architects is the Architect of Record for this 19 story condominium project designed by San Deigo architect/developer, Jeff Svitak, Inc. The project contains 130 dwelling units of which 13% will be reserved for very low-income residents. Parking is provided underground.Two slender towers define the massing of the building. A “V” shaped, sliced void between the two volumes allows the length of the exterior façade to increase, maximizing the exposure towards the ocean views. The architectural elements are honest and raw, with thoughtful consideration to the internal spaces defined within the exposed concrete structure. Lush gardens infiltrate throughout the building, complemented by wooden undertones and an abundance of natural light. These natural elements help to soften the atmospheric quality of the building and its space while celebrating imperfections. The building breathes with natural ventilation through expansive open-air circulator systems, welcoming spontaneous encounters among the residents and fostering community at a variety of scales.

The Fellow aims to harness a boutique and crafted living environment that is meaningful towards individual well-being.

Owner:  Svitak Development

Design Architect: Jeff Svitak
Architect of Record: Trachtenberg Architects, Maurico De la Peña, Neven Krickovik
Structural Engineer:  IDA
General Contractor: West Builders, Inc.
Landscape Architect:  PGA Associates