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Tom Sawyer Software

Berkeley, California 2012

This project, by means of a major renovation and expansion, re-purposes a hundred year old structure for use as headquarters for an international software development company.  While  essentially a new building, the facades strongly recall the scale and proportion of the existing building, maintaining its place in the context of an established neighborhood.

The interior, by contrast, speaks to the nature of the work which occurs within and is quite modern.

The building incorporates a variety of resource saving strategies and technologies so as to achieve the team’s sustainability goals.

Cutsheet for Tom Sawyer


Owner: Tom Sawyer Software
Architect: Robert Nishimori, David Trachtenberg,  Neven Krickovic, Isaiah Stackhouse
Structural Engineer: Jeffrey Weber and Associates
MEP Engineer: Timmons Design Engineers
General Contractor:  Kaufman Construction Inc.
Landscape Architect: Garden Architecture

Budget: $800k