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2136 San Pablo Apartments

Berkeley, 2024

The project has recieved zoning approval.

This project, located along San Pablo Avenue in West Berkeley will provide for 152 apartments, two residential lofts,  and 3 live/work units. Parking for 50 cars will be provided along with parking for 64 bicycles.  The massing of the building is driven by the desire to minimize massing and shading of George Florence Park to the west of our site as well as the adjacent smaller scale residences. With is warehouse-like elevations the project harkens back to the largely industrial past of this district. The east side of the project is adjacent to the park and the mass of the building scales down in a series of stepped setbacks to be in better harmony with with the smaller scale of the neighborhood fabric and the park

The project provides garden spaces on all six floors facing west towards the Golden Gate.

Owner: Realtex, LLC.
Trachtenberg Architects: Isaiah Stackhouse, David Trachtenberg, Amy Chang, Joshua Amaya, Eric Tam.
Structural Engineer:  TBD
General Contractor: TBD
Landscape Architect:
Renderings: Studio 5411, Argentina