The Aquatic III – Fourth Street.
The Aquatic I – University Ave.
The Aquatic II – University Ave.
CitySpace (pre-fab)
Rose Street Townhouses
Kains Street Townhouses
Aquatic V – Shattuck Ave.
Channing Way Townhouses
Aquatic IV – San Pablo Ave.
The Point.
Neilson Street Townhouses
Albany Bowl
2650 Telegraph Avenue
Fieldworks (pre-fab)- Housing the Homeless
The Fellow
Morning Star Senior Housing
Shattuck Square Micro Studios
The Allston – San Pablo Ave.
Albany Townhouses
Aquatic VI – Ashby Avenue
Studio 2000 Microunits
The Croft – Student Housing at UC Berkeley
5346 College Avenue
Bayrock Apartments
MicroPAD (pre-fab) – Workforce Housing
The Adeline
Prato Bridge 100% Affordable Apartments – San Pablo Ave.
University Apartments
Sacristy Apartments – University Ave.