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Albany Bowl

Albany California, 2021

The Albany Bowl project provides 198 apartments, 9 townhouses, 4,000 sf of retail and restaurant space, and parking for 180 cars and 268 bicycles.

By consolidating a number of lots that currently contain single-story strip retail and large unsightly surface parking lots our project transforms this important gateway site into a distinctive medium-density housing and retail project that provides high-quality urban open space amenities including three on-site public plazas, and a dog walk, and improved landscaping. 
In contrast to the existing urban fabric of much of the San Pablo Avenue corridor, our plan creates a human-scaled pedestrian-oriented streetscape for the enjoyment of both the building’s residents and the community at large. In response to the surrounding building fabric, we have broken down the mass of the project into three separate buildings. The two buildings that front onto San Pablo Avenue present civically scaled six-story facades.  In deference to the smaller scale, single-family fabric toward the western edge of the site these two buildings step down to five stories.  Along the northern half of Adams street, a third building provides for nine townhouses massed at just three stories.
With its well-articulated architecture, its earthy and timeless material/color palette, and its well-appointed outdoor public spaces the project sets a new standard for new higher density housing along Albany’s San Pablo corridor and announces the emerging urban, pedestrian-centric nature of Alameda County that starts at its northern periphery.

Owner:  R&S Investments, LLC. (Morgan Read, Kasey Stevens)
Trachtenberg Architects: Isaiah Stackhouse, Mauricio De la Peña, Neven Krickovic, David Trachtenberg, Eric Tam, Lucio Lozano, Luis Flores, Edgar Flores
Structural Engineer:  TBD
General Contractor: West Builders, Inc.
Landscape Architect:  PGA Associates

Budget: TBD