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The Point.

Point Richmond, CA  2014

The Point is a new 28 unit dwelling project based on the principal of “Pocket Neighborhoods”.  This project, on the edge of the small historic town of Point Richmond, will be built on a challenging site – an oddly shaped piece of surplus railroad land bordered on two sides by railroad tracks.  The design employs a site strategy of focusing the units inward toward a shared south-facing commons. Cars are parked at the front edge of the project rather than at the doorstep of each dwelling.  This site strategy allows the project to preserve precious site area for people rather than driveways and garages. The project is pedestrian oriented and is designed to foster a sense of community among the people living there. The project includes a range of unit types –  from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom, three-story townhouses. Each dwelling has a private outdoor garden and/or roof top garden. The project is currently in construction.

For more information on the “Pocket Neighborhood” movement see this link.

Trachtenberg Architects: David Trachtenberg, Mauricio De la Peña, Isaiah Stackhouse, Neven Krickovic, Daniel Kalani
Developer: The Point, LLC.
Engineer: Yu Engineering
Builder: West Builders
Landscape Architect: Garden Architecture