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CitySpace (pre-fab)


San Francisco, 2013

CitySpace-SoMa is a demonstration project which seeks to test the potential of high performance, net zero energy, factory-built dwellings in dense urban environments. Working with Panoramic Interests (developer), and Zeta Communities (prefab builder), Trachtenberg Architects helped to refine the 350 sq. ft. prototype which Panoramic and Zeta were in the process of developing in a factory and developed the architectural design for this 23 unit, four-story building.

While Zeta Communities had successfully built one and two story single family dwellings this was their first large multi-family project and the first higher than two stories.  The 23 units were fully built-out in a factory in Sacramento (including all cabinets, finishes, fixtures, and lighting) and trucked to San Francisco. The four-story building was erected over the course of just four days on a tight South of Market alleyway site.

The project received a LEED Platinum rating and includes many innovative sustainable features including rainwater harvesting, solar hot water heating.

More information about the project, including opportunities for investing in future projects, may be found at

An article about City Space’s place in the history of the Residential Hotel typology can be found here.

Trachtenberg Architects (Design Architect):  Isaiah Stackhouse, David Trachtenberg, Neven Krickovic, Robert Nishimori
Developer/Owner: Panoramic Interests
Structural Engineer: Tipping Mar Associates
Architect of Record:  Lowney Architecture
Factory Fabricator:  Zeta Communities

Budget: $2.4M