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Richmond, California 2000

This project was a joint development between Oliver & Company (developers and contractors) and Erickson Outdoors (tenant/owner), which designs and manufactures clothing, tents and equipment for the outdoors.

Two buildings, totaling 17,800 sq ft, stand opposite each other on either side of a central parking area. The ground floors of each building are planned for light-industrial or warehouse use and the upper floors for offices. The building shells are made of concrete masonry units (CMU) to provide a handsome, durable, and cost effective structure.

Cutsheet for Erickson Oliver


Owners: Erickson Outdoors, Inc. / Steven Oliver
Architect: Robert Nishimori, David Trachtenberg, Ari Seligman, Michael Williams
Engineer: Ingraham DeJesse Associates
Landscape Architect: Miller Company
Builder: Oliver and Company
Photography: Trachtenberg

Budget: $2.25M